What is NEOPOP?

NEOPOP is a better for you Soda, which supports relaxation. Crafted using natural and organic ingredients, 6g Organic Cane Sugar, L-Theanine & Ashwagandha, NEOPOP promotes a calm feelings amidst daily stressors in life. 

Why does NEOPOP exist?

NEOPOP exists as a delicious, convenient, and accessible way for consumers to manage stress. 

Delicious -> We all know those stress gummies, and supplements can taste weird. Ditch those for a delicious beverage in your favorite Soda flavor. 

Convenient -> Do you often forget to take supplements regularly? Forget taking supplements on the go? Just crack open a can of NEOPOP, and you'll get your dose of stress - relieving adaptogens i.e. L-Theanine and Ashwagandha. 

Accessible -> Expensive CBD drinks burning a hole in your pocket? We've got you!

How will it make me feel?

NEOPOP promotes a calm feeling, yet keeps one focused. L-Theanine and Ashwagandha, both have proven stress-relieving impact on the body, yet keeping the mind centered on the criticial tasks at hand. 


Product related:

What sweetener do you use in NEOPOP?

Every Can of NEOPOP is sweetened with 6g of Organic Cane, and Stevia Leaf Extract. 

How many calories does a can of NEOPOP have?

Classic Cola has 30 calories/can, Lemon Lime has 40 calories/can, and Ginger Lemon has 50 calories/can. 

Is there any caffeine in NEOPOP?

NEOPOP Classic Cola has 50mg Caffeine from Coffee. Lemon Lime and Ginger Lemon are naturally caffeine free.

Why is the color of NEOPOP Classic Cola, different than traditional Colas?

In our Classic Cola, we only use Organic Caramel which gives it a distinct nutty taste and reddish brown color. None of the other ingredients contribute to the color of the drink. Traditional Colas in the market use artificial caramel, and artificial colors for a dark brown color. Even though our color might be a little muted, be rest assured we don't use any low grade ingredients in NEOPOP.

What is L-Theanine?

L-Theanine is an amino acid, found almost exclusively in tea. L-Theanine  stimulates alpha waves in the brain, associated with a relaxed yet alert mental state, according to clinical research. Alpha waves are also produced post meditation.

We use a 100% pure form of L-Theanine from an industry leading supplier.

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a herb, native to India and Africa used widely in Indian Ayurveda. Ashwagandha helps manage stress, amongst other benefits. 

NEOPOP is infused with a full spectrum extract of Ashwagandha, from world's leading supplier, Ixoreal's KSM-66. 

What is the shelf life of NEOPOP?

Each can is safe to use until 15 months from production. 

What do you mean by Supports Relaxation?

We all know the perils of living a modern lifestyle filled with stressors from work, social media, politics and what not. NEOPOP was crafted for consumers to find balance from everyday stressors, using L-Theanine and Ashwagandha.