Introducing NEOPOP - a new take on your favorite childhood beverage minus the loads of sugar or junk!
We reimagined the nostalgic soda flavors you grew up loving and canned them with functional ingredients to give you a guilt-free beverage which not only tastes good but also feels goooood!

Come, Celebrate Soda with Us!

The American love affair with soda is deep rooted in generations and we're here to celebrate that!
Our R&D team spent over an year trying to can the perfect balance of flavor, clean ingredients and functional benefits for you to enjoy soda guilt-free

Feel Your Best With NEOPOP

At NEOPOP, we wanted to create a delicious beverage that goes beyond just taste.

All our variants are infused with calming herbs like Ashwagandha and L-Theanine which are proven to support relaxation and stress-relief.
Take a break from the bustle of your everyday life and find a moment of calm with us!

We are a young brand, trying to bring back the fun and flavor to America's most loved beverage.

If we falter anywhere in your experience or if you have any suggestions or feedback, do write to us at